What is Business/Sales Coaching?

Coaching is a specific process of interaction designed to help you achieve your business vision and goals, more quickly and effectively than you would on your own. By telling you what you need to hear, instead of what you want to hear, coaching helps you break through limitations, habits and obstacles that hold you back, and develop the strategies, action plans, mindset and discipline you need to achieve the results you’re after.

Get to know Jason

DSC_7109EDITwebuseI grew up in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. I was passionate about planes and flying and after high school, I got my private pilots license. That same year, I was promoted to my first professional sales position (the company owner had seen that I was making sales while still on the manufacturing floor).

At this company, I advanced through positions: manufacturing floor, sales, business development and eventually, territory development and business management.

It was during a trip to the Okanagan that I fell in love with the area. Along with the relocation, I also shifted from employee to business owner. With a partner, a retail dealership was born. As CEO, I headed the company from startup to multi-million dollar, award-winning enterprise. One highlight was a Chamber of Commerce Business of the Year award.

Riding high on the success of this first venture, we attracted another partner and launched a second startup. Although a rock solid plan and strategy, little did we know the upcoming US financial crisis would test us harder than we knew.

Here’s where I want to say “long story short” and skip to the present! Our construction industry businesses were not faring well through a tanking economy and marketplace. It was two difficult years before we closed the doors. Today, I can say that I’ve been through it all personally – the highs of business achievement and the lows of making the hardest decisions and tasting failure.

During that time, I became very interested in my own career development issues. By extension, I became fascinated by what made some people successful and fulfilled, while others with equal or higher ability seemed caught in perpetual struggle. I began to read heavily in the fields of personal development, leadership, motivation, psychology, business, marketing, and success. I attended numerous seminars and accelerated learning workshops. I began to develop a passion for personal development and success strategies.

From my first sales position until today, I’ve had remarkable coaches and mentors in my life that I am grateful for. They made a world of difference and sparked my interest in coaching and mentoring.

I’ve received a great deal of training and earned multiple certifications, but the greatest training ground of all has been experience, both personal and that gained working with my clients.

I have served clients in these industries:

  • Construction
  • Entrepreneurs and Small Business Owners
  • Human Resources
  • Interior Design
  • Manufacturing
  • Real Estate Development, Management and Sales
  • Retail



Solid business acumen, creative innovation to differentiate, and an impressive commitment to quality and execution.

— Brian G

I have used Jason’s services at times when the construction market was swamped with competing projects. Jason was always ahead of the game despite the busy marketplace.

— David S

Jason’s professional abilities outshine or are on par with some of the top executives in North America.

— Duane T

I have always been pleasantly satisfied with the results for myself and my clients.

— Manuella F


Jason is a natural team leader and coach and has spent a lot of his personal time mentoring others over the years.

— Brooke N

Jason is an insightful, resourceful and enthusiastic executive who demonstrates the value of growing and leading a great team.

— Clint B

Jason has a remarkable ability to cast vision, and to build and enable teams to accomplish that vision.

— Trent C


Jason genuinely cares about each employees development and success; personally and professionally. His coaching and management has had a tremendous impact on my professional career.

— Greg B

Working with Jason I witnessed his keen ability to tap into individual needs and provide solutions that work. He provided many insights into our organization and operation.

— Jasmine L

A passionate, knowledgeable professional who is always willing to share his wisdom and experience.

— Michelle C

Jason’s hands-on approach ensures his team are equipped with all of the right tools to perform to the best of their ability.

— Seamus F

With Jason’s motivation and support, business has successfully increased.

— Souksai R