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Results matter most.  We’ll help you lose that headache and get on to doing more of whatever you love doing.  A few of our client success stories…


Steve began his career right out of high school when he joined his older brother to help found and run this construction company in Calgary, AB 15 years ago. He became a skilled site supervisor, while his brother developed the business and grew it to 18 full time employees servicing hundreds of clients per year. Several years ago the older brother became quite ill, and despite valiant efforts to heal and also continue running the business he was unable to continue.
Steve assumed the helm.

Without any formal business training, and little practical experience, Steve was thrust into conducting client care and sales, and overseeing the day to day operations of a busy construction company. Steve found himself (to his chagrin):

  1. micromanaging the employees with ever shortening patience
  2. stressed from long hours
  3. feeling he had to do it all and be there constantly to achieve the standards of quality and satisfaction his brother had established
  4. He was painfully aware he lacked confidence that his decisions and actions were the best for himself and the business.

“To get a handle on the business and a grip on my sanity.”

Within the first few months Steve made significant strides in all the challenge areas. He discovered he was spending most of his energy and time dispatching trades, a vital role, but one which could be delegated.
With this decision Steve set a series of wins in motion. He found time;

  1. Ensure the dispatch role was effectively passed on
  2. Create a strategic plan
  3. Grow his communication and management skills
  4. Institute 1:1 and group meetings with employees
  5. Make and renew contacts with clients
  6. Develop new quality control processes
  7. Formulate a customer satisfaction survey and much more

Perhaps the best win is the growing sense of confidence in his own knowledge and processes, trusting his capacity to seek and find the best for himself and the business.

The Results:
Steve, having established a strong foundation of clarity and effectiveness, is enjoying a 4 day work week, is scheduled and reserved for a 2 week vacation and has his sights firmly on growing the companies profits by $415,000, a 25% gain by the end of this calendar year.